Led illuminants do have compact size along with intense lumen output, thus it is one of the most innovative designs for retail and industrial setups. Such lights have numerous colour rendering accuracy and the highest energy efficiency. These advancements of led technology make them so suspicious for high ceiling marketplaces. Linear led high bay has more safety for operating and maintenance measures. However, these are more efficient and convenient to use. These are coming with more options with time. So, it’s difficult to buy a perfect one without a proper guide. Here, we will guide you about the different varieties and applications of such elegant lights and their fixtures’ leniency.

    Types and applications of elevated led lights:

    The high illumination power to size ratio of led lights makes them more convenient for various commercial applications, unlike traditional lights. Led lights have numerous applications in warehouses, automotive repair, gyms, and small and large retail shops.

    UFO _ round type:

    Giant metal halides and sodium fixtures of high pressure are of no use today due to their heavy weight. companies are more likely to choose the best product in terms of cost and maintenance. UFO ranks first in this category. It gives aesthetic vibrant colours with compact fixations. UFO gives high-quality illumination that suits best for high ceilings up to 20 ft. It covers vast applications in retail markets, industries, shopping malls, and others.

    Linear type:

    Linear ones are more efficient than UFOs. They can be mounted above 25ft high ceilings such as in warehouses and other manufacturing areas. Linear LEDs have much more illuminant time and quality. They are more efficient and scarves energy up to 85% in total.


    Smart businessmen have now replaced all of their lighting products with led lights, as these are not only cost-effective but eco-friendly too. Before going to market you just need a basic guide. Let’s start.

    Layout assembling:

    As a buyer, you need to assemble the layout of the area where you desire to install LEDs. If your area is smaller than a warehouse, you can go with 30ft led candles. Plan your layout to ensure your purchase.

    High-quality lumen:

    Lumen serves as the primary source of illumination intensity. While purchasing, you must go through the quality of lumens used in led high bay lights.

    Quantity and type of lights:

    Once you analyze your setup’s layout, it will be easy for you to choose the numbers and types of LEDs requirements. This strategy will avoid excess installation and ultimately saves time and money.

    CRI and colour temperature:

    CRI reflects the ability of light sources to reveal the actual colour of objects in its path. For large setups, CRI above 70 is more suitable. Production units require a little more around 80 – 90 colour rendering index.

    On the other hand, the colour temperature of light reflects the warmness and coolness of light. It is measured on the Kelvin scale. Smaller area needs less colour temperature than industrial which require up to 5000k.